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Considering importing or exporting via air freight?

Air freight is a quick, efficient, and safe way to relocate goods to and from any corner of the globe. Seems like a no brainer! 

However, when it comes to shipping your goods and exporting from NZ we don’t just put them on a plane and sit back.


Air freight

If you asked us at Rocket Freight what our main point of difference is, we would say it’s our hands-on approach.

We are a boutique, customer oriented freight forwarding service offering custom solutions. Other freight forwarders just have a big wheel where you slot in somewhere and hope for the best. You often get passed around to five different people before you find out what’s happening with your shipment

For us as a small family owned business, each individual customer matters to us and we do everything in our power to deliver above expectations. That means considering all factors to decide whether air freight or sea freight is the best option for your shipment.

We have the experience, the resources and the drive to help you determine the best solution. Whether you import from China or export from NZ, you can find viable options to suit your needs.

And the best part? We are constantly available and you have that single person to call so you know what is going on with your goods at any point in time.

Here are some of the things we think about for you when considering air freight shipping...


Sending your goods via an airline carrier is the fastest shipping method available. Hands down. So if speed and urgency when exporting from or importing to NZ is your top priority, chances are that planes will be your best friend and we look forward to introducing you.


Generally, if you use air freight to ship your products, you can accurately predict when they will reach their destination. Air freight ETAs are usually more precise than other options with less weather issues or delays.

Tricky locations

Sending goods to a landlocked country? We can explore all the options dependent on the contents of your shipment and your budget.


While cargo ships depart and arrive on a set weekly schedule, planes are much more frequent. If your shipment misses one flight, there will almost certainly be another one leaving before too long. With multiple flights departing to locations throughout the globe daily, you have a higher chance of rapidly getting your goods where they need to go giving air freight the advantage when speed and flexibility are required.

Security and safety

Airports tend to have strict security controls and carefully manage all import from China or export from NZ cargo. Because of this increased monitoring, there is a higher level of security, and for shipments with high-value contents air freight will likely be recommended.

When not to ship by air...

You can leave the hard work to us and be confident we will figure out the best solution to get your valued cargo from A to B, including when it’s not the best option to use air freight! We think about all the same factors you do - cost, size, carbon footprint, safety, speed, urgency and necessary deadlines.

Goods for import to NZ may be better off transported through a different means other than air freight. Should this be the case, you are free to contact our dedicated team for helpful advice.

Your objectives become ours and we will talk you through all possible options to make the best decision for your needs and get your goods delivered, with care, on time.

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Would you like to know more about importing or exporting by air?

Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Rocket Freight. We can recommend the most cost-effective methods, explain how the process works, and handle the delivery from door to door.

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