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Importing or exporting via sea cargo ship

Sea freight is the most commonly used shipping method in the world. It’s affordable and reliable.

Cargo ships packed full of containers sail in and out of New Zealand every day, carrying shipments to and from every corner of the globe.


Sea port at night

So why choose Rocket Freight to be your licensed freight forwarder?

Let me tell you!

We're committed to our customer's success, so they can continue to do business with us. We’re all about the win-win and it’s why our business is growing from strength to strength.

We have amazing customer service and are always available. It’s what floats our boat - so to speak. We speak your language not boring industry jargon (and we love it when you call us for a check-in and chat!)

We have a huge amount of industry knowledge and contacts which ensures efficient service. After all, it’s all about who you know! Want it done quicker, faster and cheaper? Now you know the missing piece you need in your business: Rocket Freight.

“For years Rocket Freight have shipped all our imported equipment. They have a reliable network of partnerships all over the world, including Europe, America and Australia. They deal with NZ Customs and arrange domestic shipping for us, enabling us to provide an excellent door to door service. No matter the shipment, Rocket Freight handles it well and always keep us updated. We find them very professional, friendly and highly efficient. They are the BEST in the freight forwarding business.”

PETER TOTH, Profix Solutions NZ Ltd

car wash system

Not sure if your goods are better suited to an aeroplane or cargo ship?

From fragile glassware to enormous heavy machinery, we have handled any import to or export from NZ. The Rocket Freight team is ready to talk you through the most appropriate and cost-effective method for your international or domestic shipment. Just reach out and ask!

From the archives...

bullock cart

"Our customer has employed villagers in the outskirts of Myanmar to make these beautiful handwoven baskets using recycled plastics. There are no roads in these outlying areas, so delivery has to be arranged via Oxcart. The villagers carry them to a central point to meet the cart, and will eventually reach our depot to be loaded into a container for sea freight to NZ.
This is a first time for me using Oxcarts for transport, but as usual, nothing is impossible at Rocket Freight!"


Advantages of sea freight shipping

Lower price

Depending on the size and weight of what you’re shipping using a cargo ship is usually the most affordable shipping option. Get in touch with your requirements - whether you need a single item or bulk goods when moving from NZ to Australia or vice versa, we’ll do the leg work to figure out the best solution for you. Our clients can vouch for our safe, real-time monitored, and affordable international shipping solutions.

Low carbon footprint

Many companies are concerned about the environmental impact of their business. For this reason,appropriate governing bodies regulate importing to and exporting from NZ. A cargo ship is one of the most eco-efficient way to ship goods and you can opt for this mode of transport. In fact, those in the business of importing cars to NZ often prefer sea freight cargo due to lower carbon footprint.

Plenty of space

The average cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers! That's roomy. The perfect size for shipping cars and other types of vehicles in large quantities to and from major ports around the world. We have received vehicle and car shipping requests at impressive rates thanks to spacious cargo ships. Are you moving to Australia from NZ? Even if you're relocating your entire home, the Rocket Freight team can accommodate you!

When not to use sea freight shipping

Leave the hard work to us to figure out the best logistics to get your valued cargo from A to B! Just as we will talk you through when it is best to cargo ship, we can also help you decide when not to use a particular service, depending on your priorities

Whether it’s for speed, tight deadlines and necessary arrival dates, import from China goods, or tricky locations to pick up or deliver to, we love the problem solving aspect of this work so that you can relax knowing your goods will arrive when expected and in perfect condition.

The Rocket Freight promise

We do whatever it takes.

Rocket Freight will get your shipment to and from any location. We have clients importing from China to NZ and import-export businesses that rely on our support. The fun for us is in figuring out how to connect the multiple transport method dots. Cargo ships are limited to destinations with a coastline and a suitable port. In instances without those we will arrange transport across the land by train, plane, automobile or even Oxcart!

From the archives...

Yellow truck prepaired to export

"Busy start to the week! Oversized cargo is one of our specialties. We changed this 21.8 ton Crane Truck onto a 40' Flat Rack Container and it will be on it's way to Jakarta tomorrow.
If anyone tells you it can't be shipped than give us a call and we will find a solution."

Yellow auto crane

We do whatever it takes, and take care of the whole process too.

Any export from NZ or import from China includes a lot of regulations (think PAPERWORK!). Rocket Freight knows these regulations inside out and can help you get your head around all the tariffs, customs requirements, and documentation involved. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of everything, keeping you updated the entire way.

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